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Information About CADLock, Inc.

Company History

CADLock, Inc. was formed by Paul Kohut in September 1995. Our first product, CADLock® Version 1.1, was released in February 1996. This software allowed users of AutoCAD Release 12 DOS to distribute secured drawing files. Version 2.1, which added support for AutoCAD® Release 13, was released in June 1996. Version 1.1 of AutoZip was released in August 1996. AutoZip allowed users to save and load drawing files from within AutoCAD in a compressed format. A 50% reduction in drawing size was typically achieved, and the compressed files were compatible with PKZIP®. A very extensive private and public beta program led to the release of CADLock 3.1 in March 1998. Further improvements and support for new AutoCAD variants led to the release of CADLock 3.2 in November 1999. CADLock 3.3, released in November 2000, provided support for further AutoCAD variants, including AutoCAD LT. Since then we have released continuous updates with support for later versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. In December, 2005 we announced CADVault®, the next generation of AutoCAD drawing security technology.


All CADLock, Inc. products utilize a proprietary system of adding internal security capabilities to existing applications. This innovative technique was developed by CADLock, Inc. and dubbed Orion. The Orion engine provides the foundation for the application-based security features found in the CADLock® product line.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement: "We will strive to set the standards of tomorrow by educating, empowering, and enlightening CADD consumers, and by bringing world-class security software products to the marketplace. Our goal is to give our customers the security tools they need today to make their life easier tomorrow."

Senior Management

Title Name



Owen Wengerd

Vice President

Paul Kohut

Vice President, Asia Pacific

Steve Johnson

Vice President, Europe

Dietmar Rudolph

Contact Details

Owen Wengerd
CADLock, Inc.
POB 101, 34 Maple St.
Apple Creek, OH, USA 44606
1-888-422-3562 (1-888-4CADLOCK) [US Sales]
330-698-1732 [Voice]
330-698-1770 [Fax]
CADLock Information
Dietmar Rudolph
CADLock Europe
Obere Fuhr 27
D-45136 Essen, Germany
+49-201-254566 [Voice]
Sales Europe
Steve Johnson
CADLock Asia Pacific
PO Box 77
Riverton  WA  6148, Australia
+61-8-9457-5358 [Voice]
Sales Asia Pacific

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