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Next Generation Drawing File Security Software Unveiled

Apple Creek, Ohio, December 27, 2005 -- CADLock, Inc. announced the next generation of AutoCAD drawing file security technology, CADVault® for AutoCAD®. CADVault for AutoCAD makes it possible for individuals and enterprises to protect their intellectual property and limit their liability exposure while still meeting the needs of clients, business partners, and sometimes competitors to have access to graphical and non-graphical design data in electronic form. The new product is scheduled to ship in February, 2006. Pricing information has not yet been announced.

CADVault for AutoCAD Overview

With CADVault for AutoCAD, users are able to put graphical and non-graphical AutoCAD elements into an electronic vault that is stored inside the AutoCAD drawing database and saved to file in the native DWG format. The vault content is securely encrypted using modern encryption techniques and access is controlled by usage roles that the content creator defines. The level of access granted is dependent on the usage roles for which the recipient can provide acceptable credentials. Credentials can be provided in several forms, such as a password or industry standard digital certificate.

CADVault for AutoCAD consists of a user interface component and a freely distributable runtime component called CADVault Runtime. The runtime component, known in AutoCAD terminology as an "object enabler", enforces the permissions that the content owner has enabled, and makes it possible for consumers of vault objects to fully utilize the secured content within the defined limits. CADVault for AutoCAD secured content resides inside the drawing database as a discrete drawing object, so downstream users are able to add their own drawing elements to the file if they wish. If the vault object has been digitally signed, recipients can easily verify the integrity of the secured content in the files they receive.

CADVault for AutoCAD uses an administrative override system to ensure that both the content creator and the organization's administrators can always have unrestricted access to secured content created by their organization. This system ensures that secured content never becomes inaccessible to those who own it, while keeping the restrictions in place for everyone else.

More detailed information about CADVault for AutoCAD is available now at More announcements are planned over the next few weeks.

About CADLock, Inc.

CADLock, Inc. is a privately held manufacturer of data security software solutions headquartered in Ohio, USA with regional offices in Germany and Australia. CADLock security technology, code named "Orion", has powered their AutoCAD drawing file security software since 1996. CADLock® is the most trusted name in AutoCAD drawing file security.


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