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Copyright Protection and Drawing Security a Growing Trend in Europe

Apple Creek, Ohio, February 20, 2006 -- Awareness of the need to protect intellectual property and demand for data security solutions continues to rise throughout Europe. CADLock, Inc. reports that sales in its European region exceeded North American sales for the first time in 2005.

At an award ceremony in Rio de Mouro, Portugal, CADLock, Inc. honored Portuguese partner TECAD, Lda as Top Reseller for 2005. CADLock partners from all over Europe were present for the event. Owen Wengerd, president of CADLock, Inc., thanked TECAD for their outstanding work in promoting the need for data security among AutoCAD users. Wengerd complimented TECAD's staff for their focus on providing complete solutions for their customers, and he gave high marks to their training and support program. To highlight the CADLock theme, the award presented was a secure document -- a book carved from stone by German artist Sabine Laß.

"Legal issues and business procedures in Portugal have created a strong focus on copyrights, and data security is an important consideration for our customers," said Álvaro Sardinha, Commercial Director of TECAD, Lda. "CADLock provides the only real solution for secure AutoCAD drawing file exchange."

Following the award ceremony, CADLock, Inc. gave attendees a demonstration of its next generation drawing file security product, CADVault® for AutoCAD®. CADVault, scheduled for release in late February, adds many more options for securing AutoCAD drawings, including ways to protect individual components of a drawing from modifications, a complete digital rights management system giving multiple users differing rights to the same drawing, and provisions for digitally approving CAD drawings with industry standard digital signature technology.

"As more and more industries rely on the exchange of CAD drawings in electronic form, and as liability costs and revenue losses caused by unauthorized use continue to rise, complete control over the intellectual property contained in a CAD drawing becomes a crucial component of a company's business process," said Dietmar Rudolph, CADLock's vice president for Europe. "We currently see the highest demand for security products in Germany, Spain, and Portugal, but we expect even greater demands in the future from emerging new businesses in Eastern Europe."


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CADLock Award Ceremony

CADLock, Inc. president Owen Wengerd (left) looks on as Dietmar Rudolph, CADLock, Inc. vice president Europe (right) presents the Top Reseller 2005 award to TECAD, Lda Commercial Director Álvaro Sardinha (center).

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CADLock, Inc. is a privately held manufacturer of data security software solutions headquartered in Ohio, USA with regional offices in Germany and Australia. CADLock security technology, code named "Orion", has powered their AutoCAD drawing file security software since 1996. CADLock® is the most trusted name in AutoCAD drawing file security.


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