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Digital Rights Management Application Now Available For Download

Apple Creek, Ohio, March 13, 2006 -- CADLock, Inc. announced that CADVault® for AutoCAD®, their next generation digital rights management application for AutoCAD, is now shipping. CADVault has been hailed as revolutionary by some industry insiders because it finally conquers one of the last remaining barriers to realizing the dream of paperless collaboration: the risk of valuable design data being abused or misused after it leaves the office.

The next generation technology in CADVault for AutoCAD replaces and significantly improves upon the previous technology in CADLock's flagship CADLock SE product. The new technology works completely inside the popular AutoCAD .dwg file format, and does not require any external or secondary file format. A major new benefit is the ability to secure only selected layers or selected elements of drawing files while allowing downstream recipients to add new content in the same drawing file.

CADVault for AutoCAD creates electronic vaults, implemented within AutoCAD as custom objects that behave just like built-in AutoCAD entities, that safely store valuable parts of a design so that nobody can access, use or modify the secured content without permission. In most respects a vault object is like a physical vault: once the vault is locked, a key is required to access its contents. Digital rights management technology allows creators of secured content to define different levels of access for different individuals or different classes of consumers. CADVault also makes it easy for electronic signatures to be attached to vault objects, thus providing an alternative to traditional "wet" signatures for plan approval.

"We think CADVault will change the way architects and engineers do business", said CADLock president Owen Wengerd. "Digital signature technology has grown up, and is slowly but surely replacing outmoded and less reliable manual methods used to signify approval of paper plans. We believe that every architect and engineer that still uses a wet stamp to approve plans can appreciate the need for change, and we believe that CADVault will finally make that change not only possible, but practical."

CADVault for AutoCAD is available as a free download from the CADLock web site at Once installed, the downloaded software runs in a fully functional evaluation mode. In evaluation mode, no features are restricted, however vaults created in this mode contain a master key role that anyone is able to access. Once a software license is purchased, a new master key is generated to replace the previous master key, thus allowing completely secure vaults to be created. The master key ensures that the license owner can always access any secure content created with their license.


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CADVault Wizard Screen Shot

The CADVault wizard provides a simple and intuitive interface for creating secured content inside an AutoCAD drawing file.

About CADLock, Inc.

CADLock, Inc. is a privately held manufacturer of data security software solutions headquartered in Ohio, USA with regional offices in Germany and Australia. CADLock security technology, code named "Orion", has powered their AutoCAD drawing file security software since 1996. CADLock® is the most trusted name in AutoCAD drawing file security.


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