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Real security for your DWG files

Protect and control your AutoCAD drawings even when they leave your office
Lock selected layers or parts of your design to prevent unwanted modifications
Prevent unauthorized access to secured drawing elements
Use password or digital certificate technology to protect your designs
Allow or disable viewing, plotting, measurement and more
Provide different levels of access to different groups of recipients, all within a single DWG file
Add copyright or legal notices and require acceptance of a user agreement 
Include secret design elements to be seen by your eyes only
Digitally sign, co-sign or approve drawings
Create components that clients can use in their drawings but cannot explode or modify
Protect your symbol and detail libraries


What are your drawings worth?

Protecting your intellectual property

Do you need to distribute AutoCAD drawings to other parties? If you want to protect your valuable electronic data, prevent unauthorized use, or ensure that your content cannot be modified, then CADVault is the right tool for you.

How does CADVault work?

CADVault works entirely inside AutoCAD and provides a set of Digital Rights Management tools that allow you to create secure drawings. Secure drawings are genuine DWG files that contain electronic vaults. These vaults are custom objects that behave just like built-in AutoCAD entities. They safely store valuable parts of a design so that nobody can access, use or modify the secured content without permission. In most respects a vault object is like a physical vault. Once the vault is locked, a key is required to access its contents. 

What can CADVault do?

Digital rights management technology allows creators of secured content to define different levels of access for different individuals or different classes of consumers. That means you can choose what parts of a drawing any given recipient is allowed to see, plot, modify or measure. CADVault also makes it easy for electronic signatures to be attached to vault objects, thus providing an alternative to traditional "wet" signatures for plan approval.

Try before you buy

You can try CADVault for yourself: just visit the Downloads section of The evaluation version is fully functional and not time-limited, so why not download CADVault and put it through its paces with your own drawings? If you decide to go ahead, the evaluation version can be quickly converted to the full product using an authorization code. No reinstall is required.

Don’t take our word for it

Cadalyst magazine reviewed CADVault in October 2006 and awarded it the coveted Highly Recommended rating. According to reviewer Patrick Davis, “CADVault is an excellent tool for securing AutoCAD drawings. It provides an effective method for securing part or all of a drawing while maintaining an option for the recipient to view and print secured drawing objects. CADVault is easy to use, and I found the product support exceptional.”

From the trusted name in AutoCAD security

CADLock, Inc. has provided software solutions for securing AutoCAD drawings since 1996. CADVault is the product of a decade of development in this specialized field.

Act now, don’t wait

Sooner or later, every creator of AutoCAD drawing files is likely to be faced with the need to distribute files containing sensitive or valuable data. Prepare for the future today by using CADVault to learn how Digital Rights Management can work for your organization.

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