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CADVault allows AutoCAD users to secure both graphical and non-graphical elements within an AutoCAD drawing file by embedding those elements into an electronic vault object. The vault object is a self contained graphical entity that can place restrictions on how the embedded elements may be used or exposed depending on the credentials of the person using the drawing file.

Pricing for CADVault varies by region depending on local exchange rates, local taxes, and other factors such as the level of local language support provided. Use our local price calculator to calculate the total cost of single user or site license options in your region, or to find a local reseller partner.

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A full color CADVault brochure is available in PDF format.

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CADVault consists of a user interface module and a smaller "object enabler" module that may be used by recipients of drawings containing secured content, even in ObjectDBX host applications like DWG TrueView from Autodesk.

Supported Platforms

To use CADVault, you must use a supported version of AutoCAD running on a supported version of Windows. CADVault technology is designed to work correctly with custom objects created by third party applications as well as the Autodesk vertical market applications such as Architectural Desktop. Official support may be limited when using CADVault with non-native objects.

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